What Are Your Favorite Classroom Management Tips?

Wouldn’t it be nice if our circle time always looked as calm and peaceful as the teddy bears in this picture? Well, even though the young children we teach may be even cuter than teddy bears, they’re rarely as good at sitting still. Real,  human children tend to talk, kick their feet out, touch the […]

Words of Wisdom Wednesday: Jackie Silberg

Nursery rhymes stimulate memory, improve language skills, develop  appreciation for music, enrich vocabulary, develop phonemic awareness, encourage thinking skills…..and …..they are fun!                                        – Jackie Silberg Jackie Silberg has written many books of wonderful activities for infants, […]

Words of Wisdom for Wednesday: Malcolm Gladwell

“Talent is the desire to practice.”       – Malcolm Gladwell, “Outliers” I don’t know when I realized this, but at some point in my teaching career I realized that all my amazing ideas for music activities for young children – or what I thought were amazing ideas – didn’t always translate into amazing lessons. In […]