Once Upon a Monday: “She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain” by Jonathan Emmett


Are you ready for a rip-roarin’ good time? Because stories
don’t come much more rip-roarin’ than this. Based on 
the beloved folk song, but with many more (and much
sillier) verses, this picture book will delight your students
and get them singing and moving.

The little gal in this story doesn’t just come round the
mountain – she wears pink pajamas, paints the whole
town purple, juggles with jelly, and more.  To make it
easier for the children to sing along I sometimes skip
the inner rhymes and just repeat the first line two more
times. Each verse also has an easy and fun motion to
go with it. 

This book is very popular with my students, who
especially enjoy belting out “Yee-Haw!” The illustrations 
are also cute and original (the song is sung by a cactus
in a cowboy hat!).


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