A Tune for Tuesday: “Matilda the Gorilla”

“Matilda the Gorilla” recorded by Lynn Kleiner

from the CD /book “Jungle Beat”


Young children love to pretend to be all kinds of
animals, but something about monkeys and
gorillas is particularly appealing to them. Maybe it’s
the wild jumpy noisiness!

“Matilda the Gorilla” is a delightful song with a
lilting rhythm that’s irrestistible for little feet to
dance to. The chorus is a rhythmic “Ooh-ooh-
ooh-ooh, Ah-ah-ah” where children can sing along
while doing a silly gorilla dance!

There’s also plenty of instrumental interludes
for improvisational dance and movement. Encourage
your students to use their whole bodies to keep
the beat.

Perfect as a tie-in to stories about the jungle, or
just for any time your students want to have fun,
“Matilda the Gorilla” will become a class favorite!


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