Wacky Wednesday: About Squirrels, Birds, and Turtles


I decided to do a version of “Fun Fun Friday” today because
my students were so interesting and entertaining today,
I just couldn’t wait. So: Wacky Wednesday!

First, a boy raised his hand to say, “Did you know that
squirrels sound just like birds?” (Just FYI, nothing we’d
been doing today had anything to do with squirrels or
birds.) I hate to just blatantly contradict young children –
even when my point seems totally obvious, I never
 the child they’re wrong anyway, and just wind
looking like a nasty buzzkill. So I went for a diplomatic
“Mmm – sometimes.” He then proceeded to illustrate his
observation with a barking noise that sounded nothing
like a squirrel or a bird, but was quite irritating. 

Another boy raised his hand and asked, “I think I have a
question?” What is it, I asked him. “I think I’m allergic to
squirrels?” Being neither qualified nor equipped to 
determine squirrel allergies, I said, “Oh,” with an
 of (hopefully) polite interest.

We had a first-grader, a former student of mine, visiting
today and he told me he recognized my turtle puppet
from last year. He looked at it fondly and said, ‘Remember
how I used to call him Turt-Turt?” I don’t remember, but 
it’s such a charming nickname I had to share it!


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