A Tune for Tuesday: Mexican Hat Dance


Mexican Hat Dance
from the CD “All-Time Favorite Dances”

by Kimbo Educational

The Mexican Hat Dance is an “all-time favorite
dance” for a reason – it’s very catchy and has a 
strong beat that’s fun for everybody to dance to,
especially young children.

The usual way the dance is performed, though,
with feet kicking out on alternate beats followed
by quick clapping, is too difficult and tiring for
pre-K’s and younger children, particularly at the 
beginning of the year. So I WAY simplify it. We do
three jumps to the three strong beats for the 
first four times, then pat our thighs the next four
times. For the middle section I either have the
children turn around, clap hands, or tap an
imaginary “hat” on their head – something very
easy. The main thing as far as the music is
concerned is to follow the three-beat rhythm.
Of course, the main thing for the children is to
have fun dancing to this lively music!



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