Words of Wisdom Wednesday: Jackie Silberg


Nursery rhymes stimulate memory, improve language skills, develop  appreciation for music, enrich vocabulary, develop phonemic awareness, encourage thinking skills…..and …..they are fun!

                                       – Jackie Silberg

Jackie Silberg has written many books of wonderful activities for infants, babies, two-year-olds, and young children. I like this quote because too many parents and teachers neglect nursery rhymes. Maybe they seem old-fashioned and quaint. Okay, they are olf-fashioned and quaint. That’s part of the point. They’re a connection with the past, a part of our shared culture. And as Miss Silberg states, they’ve stayed around for a reason. They’re an easy, age-appropriate way for young children to learn many language, music and thinking concepts. And she’s right – they are fun!!


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