Stop That Pickle!


“Stop That Pickle”
by Peter Armour

Looking for something a little different to read to your threes,
fours, and fives? Something a little wild and crazy and 
totally hilarious? “Stop That Pickle” by Peter Armour is for you.

A variation of the well-worn “Gingerbread Man” theme,
this story shows how a very fast and determined pickle
escapes from the deli and outruns a man, a sandwich,
a donut, an apple, seventeen almonds, and more. From
its implausible beginning to its surprise ending, children
laugh through every page.

To “musicalize” it, I sing a “mini-song” of the refrain 
“Stop that pickle!” , which each person or food item
repeats, but it could just as easily be chanted. The
important thing is to include all the children in 
loudly repeating this silly refrain. It gets them engaged 
and involved.

My funniest memory of this story is one when a
child, on seeing the page on which the pickle
reads a newspaper, called out indignantly,
“Pickles can’t read!” He was fine with the pickle
racing all over the city, but reading – that just 
didn’t make sense!

“Stop That Pickle!” is the only story I read once 
every single year because children love it so 
much. Months after I read it, they still remember
it and ask to hear it again! This is always a 
sure-fire hit!


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