“The Five Days Old Song”


“The Five Days Old Song”
by Laurie Berkner
available on iTunes

Okay, so Laurie Berkner is awesome and if you haven’t
heard her songs yet, stop reading this immediately and
take a listen – it’ll brighten your day and give you a
gazillion ideas for fun things to do in your classroom.

I’ve used several of her songs for a while. Some of her
songs are for children who are slightly older than the
age group I work with, which is toddlers through
kindergarten. But this song, “The Five Days Old Song,”
(great title, by the way) is a HUGE hit with all the
children I teach, from the teeniest toddlers to the
almost-graduating kindergarteners.

This is an action song with two fun twists. First, it
begins with sitting on the floor – “I’m sitting here, and
I’m one day old…” Then in the second verse, we’re
getting up and jumping! The very bouncy tune gets
kids moving, clapping their hands, and kicking their

Then comes the second surprise. After a slow verse
where “I’m getting tired and I’m one day old…” and a brief
pause, we start jumping again! The faces of the children
as they jump to this wonderful music are absolutely

So – if you want to get all educational about it, children
are learning about fast and slow, responding to auditory
cues, and practicing large motor skills. Just as
importantly, they’re having a great time enjoying
some rousing music and dance with their friends!


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