Save the Date!


I’m excited to announce that I’m presenting a webinar
for early childhood professionals at through
my publisher, Gryphon House!

The webinar is scheduled for Thursday, March 26,
from 3:00 to 4:00 pm. It’s titled “If You’re Learning and
You Know It: Music Activities to Promote Language,
Math and More!” You’ll learn:

 – the amazing educational and developmental benefits of music activities, all backed by current research;

more than twenty easy, fun activities, some using rhythm instruments such as shakers, bells, and rhythm sticks, and some using movement;

– and teacher-tested strategies for leading music activities with your students, including the best way to introduce rhythm instruments, classroom management tips, and ways to encourage improvisation and creative thinking.

Your students will be engaged, involved and learning with these playful, fun music activities – and they’ll ask for them again and again!

Plus, if you join the Early Learning Book Chats community on,
you’ll receive free CE certificates for viewing webinars, and many other
helpful resources.

So save the date for “If You’re Learning and You Know It!” I hope
you’ll be there!


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