“If You Really Like to Clap…”


This is a fun little movement song I put together
recently that seems to be a hit with the young children
I teach. I like it because it can be as short or as 
long an activity as you want or need it to be.

“If You Really Like to Clap”

Children should be standing in a circle. Sing to the
tune of “Popeye, the Sailor Man”:

          If you really like to clap (clap clap)
          If you really like to clap (clap clap)
          Then turn all around (turn around)
          And jump up and down (jump)
          If you really like to clap (clap clap)!

Then repeat, using “stomp” (stomp one foot) instead
of “clap.” The ask the children what other movements
they could do in the song.

Some classes stick to pretty basic movements
like kick, nod, twist, and so on, and that’s fine. But
one kindergarten group came up with some wild ideas,
usually combining two movements, like spinning while
clapping your hands over your head, or hopping on 
one foot while leaning your head back! It was quite
a workout!


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