“The Mountain Polka”

everything grows

“The Mountain Polka” by Raffi
from the CD “Everything Grows”
available on iTunes

Anyone else getting a little cabin fever with a classful
of snowed-in preschoolers? It seems like their 
pent-up energy is building every day they have to 
stay inside. Well, here’s one of my favorite
rousing dances to use up some of that energy!

“The Mountain Polka” is a delightful, bouncy polka.
There are five (instrumental) verses, so if you do some
active dance moves, the children will get a nice little
aerobic workout!

I usually start with kicking my feet in time to the music.
For the next verse, I might jump or stretch my arms up,
first the left, then the right, in rhythm. Then I’ll ask the 
class for their ideas. They might stomp, march, spin, or
twist – or surprise you with some new moves all their own!
It gets their imagination and creativity working, as well
as their bodies.

This music sounds kind of country-western, so sometimes
I’m moved to call out “Yee- Haw!” at some point. The children
always love saying this with me!

After the song, you might ask if anyone recognized the
tune – it’s “She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain.” 

Have some good tiring fun with this peppy song!

available on Tunes


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