José-Luis Orozco


One of the highlights of my NAEYC adventure was a 
wonderful session presented by the Mexican children’s
performer/educator José- Luis Orozco. His latest CD, 
Come Bien! Eat Right! is pictured above and can be ordered

The session was more like a concert, except with the
entire audience performing! Mr. Orozco has a very
lively, exuberant presence and we were all dancing and
singing before we knew it! His fabulous music runs the
gamut from easy fingerplays to fairly involved music-
movement activities. Some songs are bilingual, but many
are all in Spanish.

We all enjoyed songs from Mr. Orozco’s new CD, Come
Bien! Eat Right! 
which featured the catchy “Baile de las
Legumbres” and the title song, which emphasized many
aspects of healthy living.

I haven’t been to a conference session as fun and
exciting as this one in a long time! I highly recommend
Mr. Orozco’s music for teaching dual language learners
and to introduce Spanish to English-speaking children.


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