Rhythm Instrument Activities for Preschoolers

Hi everyone, This is a guest blog post I wrote for the Gryphon House blog. You can find more fun activities and information on great resources for early childhood learning at gryphonhouse.com.  March 17, 2015 Guest Post from Abigail Flesch Connors, MEd, author of Shake, Rattle, and Roll: Rhythm Instruments and More for Active Learning and […]

A Thought for Thursday: Creative Arts & Creative Thinking Are Not the Same Thing!

This article of mine originally appeared in Creativity Portal (creativity-portal.com) in December 2010. Creative Arts and Creative Thinking Are Not the Same Thing! By Abby Connors Earlier this year, I presented a workshop at a unique international conference, “Educating the Creative Mind,” held at Kean University in Union, New Jersey. The conference was tremendously stimulating, […]

A Thought for Thursday: Think Outside the Catalog

This article is excerpted from my book “Teaching Creativity” and also appeared on the “Creativity Portal” site (creativity-portal.com). Think Outside the Catalog When I look through school-supply catalogs, I shake my head at the amount of money some people are apparently willing to pay for little fuzzy pompoms, foam paper, feathers, sequins, stamps, stickers, and […]

A Thought for Thursday: How Should We Teach Creative Thinking? Ask a Four-Year-Old

The following article of mine originally appeared in Teacher’s Net Gazette in November 2011. How Should We Teach Creative Thinking? Ask a Four-Year-Old  By Abigail Flesch Connors Young children are the “experts” when it comes to creative thinking. Here are some tips I’ve learned from the young children I’ve taught to foster creative thinking in students […]

A Thought for Thursday: The Sound of Creativity

This article of mine originally appeared in “Teaching Music,” a publication of the National Association for Music Education, in 2010. The Sound of Creativity: Helping Children Develop Creative Thinking Skills Using Rhythm Instrument Activities Abigail Connors Today more than ever, our fast-changing world depends on creative thinking. Yet teaching creative thinking is not a priority […]

A Thought for Thursday: Where Does Music Come From?

Many young children think that music comes from CD players and radios. I wrote this article (which originally appeared in TEMPO, the magazine of the NJ Music Educators Association, in October 2009) to help teachers help young children to develop an  understanding of the elements of music. Where Does Music Come From?: Teaching the Elements […]

A Thought for Thursday: How to Help Children Stay Creative

This article of mine originally appeared on the site Creativity Portal: How to Help Children Stay Creative By Abby Connors Picasso famously stated, “All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” Anyone who lives or works with young children knows they truly are artists, buzzing with creativity, […]