Eleven Strategies to Support Young Children’s Creative Thinking

11 Strategies to Support Children’s Creative Thinking We often think of creativity as being kind of magical – a touch of inspiration, the voice of an inner muse – something you either have or you don’t. Creativity isn’t something that can be taught. Or can it? Of course it can! Creativity is a process of generating […]

Valuing Children’s Creativity

(This piece appeared in slightly different form in my book “Teaching Creativity.”) As teachers, we often assume that praise will boost children’s self-esteem and confidence. And for encouraging appropriate behavior, or reinforcing tasks like learning to tie shoes, praise can be a helpful teaching tool. But when it comes to developing children’s creativity, praise can […]

A Thought for Thursday: Children Need to Know We Value Their Ideas

This article of mine originally appeared in Creativity Portal in November 2010. Children Need to Know We Value Their Ideas By Abby Connors It’s wonderful to stimulate and inspire creative thinking in the classroom, but we also need to show children how much we value their creative efforts. When a child, or anyone, feels that […]

A Thought for Thursday: Creativity Boosters

This article of mine originally appeared in New Jersey Family. Creativity Boosters  By Abigail Connors When my children were preschoolers, a typical day included a “vacation” behind the living-room couch (complete with backpack “suitcases” filled with toys), my 4-year-old interviewing the cat (using her tail as a microphone), and performance art involving everything from leaves and […]