Apples for the (Early Childhood) Teacher

That time of year is almost here – September! It’s when  early childhood teachers welcome new students  – always an exciting and challenging time. It’s also when many of us start units on apples. They’re in season, and conveniently, they help children learn shapes (circles), colors (red, but sometimes green and yellow too), healthy eating, […]

Puppets Are Great Teachers of Reading Comprehension!

This article originally appeared in Teachers Net Gazette in  May 2012. Using Puppets to Improve Reading Comprehension Have you ever heard anyone argue with a puppet? I have. I recently read “Henny Penny” to a class of four-year-olds. After the story, Henny Penny  herself (in puppet form) came out of my bag, and she was […]

A Very Musical Story for Summer!

“Bear Flies High” by Michael Rosen There are two reasons I love “Bear Flies High”: first of all, it’s a gorgeous vision of summertime, with beach, ocean, seagulls, carnival rides, sunshine. and fun with friends. Secondly, as a music teacher, I love the lilting, rhythmic writing (which was also a feature of Rosen’s earlier book, […]

A Very Cute Story for Mother’s Day!

“Where’s My Mom?” by Julia Donaldson Don’t you love the cover of this book? All of the illustrations are just as cute and original. The story is wonderful, and the musical possibilities make it a perfect choice for a Mother’s Day read-along. At first I worried that the plot of the story, about a little monkey who […]

Another Great Story for Cinco de Mayo!

“Ruben’s Jungle/La Selva de Ruben” by Carlos Harrison This very sweet story is great for any day, but if you’re looking for an accessible, developmentally appropriate book for young children to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, this is a fun one. It’s written in English, with the Spanish version underneath the English words on each page. […]

Looking for a great story for Cinco de Mayo?

Perros! Perros! Dogs! Dogs! by Ginger Foglesong Guy Here’s a story I’d absolutely love even if it didn’t teach several Spanish words in a natural, almost imperceptable, developmentally appropriate way – but it does. If you’re looking for a plot, you’re not going to find one, but most young children aren’t too picky about that. […]

“The Fox in the Dark”

“The Fox in the Dark” by Alison Green This story was made for early childhood music class! There are so many sounds to explore here that children will be focused and engaged throughout the story – and they’ll love the surprise ending! Rabbit is running home at night, away from a shadowy figure – the […]

“Wait For It…”

Here’s my latest article for Teachers Net Gazette! It’s all about creating an atmosphere of curiosity and excitement in the classroom. I’m all about encouraging children’s curiosity, so if you have any more strategies for sparking curiosity, please share them here!