A Fun Song For When It’s Seriously Too Hot!

” “Uh-huh!” from Super Simple Songs 2 available on iTunes I love action songs with lots of fun movements for preschoolers to enjoy. They always have a great time jumping, kicking, marching and just dancing around – with one exception: when they’ve just come in from outside and it’s seriously too hot!  Then I face […]

The Baby Bumblebee Game

It’s bee season again, and though they may ruin some picnics and other outings, our buzzy friends can be lots of fun in songs and in games like this one. For my Baby Bumblebee Game, you’ll need a  bumblebee puppet or stuffed animal (isn’t the one in the picture adorable? It’s available here).  First, sing […]

Puppets Are Great Teachers of Reading Comprehension!

This article originally appeared in Teachers Net Gazette in  May 2012. Using Puppets to Improve Reading Comprehension Have you ever heard anyone argue with a puppet? I have. I recently read “Henny Penny” to a class of four-year-olds. After the story, Henny Penny  herself (in puppet form) came out of my bag, and she was […]

A Very Musical Story for Summer!

“Bear Flies High” by Michael Rosen There are two reasons I love “Bear Flies High”: first of all, it’s a gorgeous vision of summertime, with beach, ocean, seagulls, carnival rides, sunshine. and fun with friends. Secondly, as a music teacher, I love the lilting, rhythmic writing (which was also a feature of Rosen’s earlier book, […]

Is It Ever Too Early to Start Learning Music? E-I-E-I- NO!

This article originally appeared in the Fall 2013 issue of TEMPO, the magazine of the New Jersey Music Educators Association. Is It Ever Too Early to Start Learning Music? E-I-E-I- NO! When I first started leading music classes for toddlers, it was relatively rare. Usually it came about when a school where I was teaching […]

Breaking News: Animals Get Stuck in Gum!

“Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum” by Lisa Wheeler How would you like a sure-fire, always successful read-aloud story for the young children you teach? Well, here it is. One of my students’ top favorites. Here’s the plot: Uh oh! A toad is just walking down the road when he accidentally steps in bubble gum. Ooey, gooey […]

Another Great Story for Cinco de Mayo!

“Ruben’s Jungle/La Selva de Ruben” by Carlos Harrison This very sweet story is great for any day, but if you’re looking for an accessible, developmentally appropriate book for young children to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, this is a fun one. It’s written in English, with the Spanish version underneath the English words on each page. […]


“Bob” by Tracey Campbell Pearson Yes, I know there are farmyards-full of children’s stories about roosters, and even a subgenre of books about roosters who, for some reason, can’t crow. Either they lost their crow in some mysterious mixup, have a sore throat, were raised by parents  of another species or just never learned how. […]