A Very “Handy” Action Song!

“Hold Your Hands Out” This is the time of year when some days the children are too hot from playing outside to do much moving around, but other days are rainy and stormy and the children are restless and filled with fidgetiness. Then it’s time for a fun action song!  I created this one recently […]

“Flap Your Wings” movement song

“Flap Your Wings” You don’t have to be a chicken to sing and play along with this silly movement song! If you have  arms and an imagination, you’re good to go! Have children stand in a circle. Tell them that in this song, we’re going to flap our “wings” and then clap. This is how […]

“Everyone Likes to Jump”

“Everyone Likes to Jump” Here’s an easy and improvisational music-and- movement activity for rainy days, or any day! Children should be standing in a circle. Jump to the beat while singing to the tune of “Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush”:        Everyone likes to jump, jump, jump, Everyone likes to jump, jump, […]

A Tune for Tuesday: “Bodies 1-2-3”

  “Bodies 1-2-3” by Peter and Ellen Allard from the CD “Sing It! Say It! Stamp It! Sway It!” Vol. 2 available on iTunes Sometimes you want a very simple, very easy movement song that children can follow easily and doesn’t require a lot of explanation. And one that children will have fun with! That’s […]

A Tune for Tuesday: “Jump!”

“Jump!” by Patty Shukla available on iTunes FREE video available on  http://freesongsforkids.com/users/patty-shukla We all know about kids and jumping – I’ve often said that we need to be careful when we turn on the “jump” button, because it’s so hard to turn it off! I sometimes wonder – if we never stopped them, how long […]

A Tune for Tuesday: “One, Two, Three, Whee!”

“One, Two, Three, Whee!” by Eric Litwin from the CD “Smile at Your Neighbor With Mr. Eric” available on iTunes It seems like everyone now knows the amazing story and song of “Pete the Cat,” and it certainly deserves its popularity. But Eric Litwin, “Pete the Cat”‘s creator, has written lots of terrific songs for young […]

A Tune for Tuesday: “All Around the Kitchen”

“All Around the Kitchen” Dan Zanes  from “Live! All Around the Kitchen” CD available on iTunes Why do you see a picture of a rooster with a song called “All Around the Kitchen,” you ask? Simple –  because the words “cock-a-doodle-doodle-doo” appear in pretty much every line of the song. Dan Zanes is a unique […]