A Tune for Tuesday: Two Little Blackbirds

Two Little Blackbirds – Music Together available on Amazon  Of course, there are many versions of this traditional fingerplay song. This one is my favorite, for many reasons. It flows at a leisurely pace, so even very young children can follow alongeasily. An adult voice alternates with a young girl’s voice, which adds texture and interest. There’s a […]

What’s New Wednesday: Music Improvisation Helps Develop Creative Thinking

This study from 2009 indicates that improvisational activities, such as those included In my books and articles, can help children develop creative thinking in music: An experimental study of the effects of improvisation on the development of children’s creative thinking in music Koutsoupidou, T., & Hargreaves, D. J. (2009). An experimental study of the effects of […]

A Tune for Tuesday: Put Your Hands Up In The Air

“Put Your Hands Up In The Air” by Hap Palmer available on iTunes   So many children’s recordings, especially those meant for movement, are overly complicated, or just plain go too fast for young children. Instead of a fun experience, the children just feel confused or frustrated. That’s why “Put Your Hands in the Air” is one of my favorites, particularly […]