Once Upon a Monday: “Where There’s a Bear, There’s Trouble!”

  “Where There’s a Bear, There’s Trouble” by Michael Catchpool I wish there were more picture books for young children just  like this. It’s a very simple, gently humorous story, easy for children to understand, with sweet illustration in two-page spreads that again, are accessible for the very young. Best of all are the many opportunities to […]

Wacky Wednesday: About Squirrels, Birds, and Turtles

I decided to do a version of “Fun Fun Friday” today because my students were so interesting and entertaining today, I just couldn’t wait. So: Wacky Wednesday! First, a boy raised his hand to say, “Did you know that squirrels sound just like birds?” (Just FYI, nothing we’d been doing today had anything to do […]

A Tune for Tuesday: Two Little Blackbirds

Two Little Blackbirds – Music Together available on Amazon  Of course, there are many versions of this traditional fingerplay song. This one is my favorite, for many reasons. It flows at a leisurely pace, so even very young children can follow alongeasily. An adult voice alternates with a young girl’s voice, which adds texture and interest. There’s a […]